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LAPD Pilot Program for the
Prevention of Animal Cruelty
Needs Your Support

As many of you may be aware, the Los Angeles Police Dept has a fairly new animal cruelty unit where they investigate and prosecute severe cases of animal cruelty. They need your support to not only get the word out regarding the unit but to contact Chief Bratton and let him know that you feel this unit is important. This is a pilot program and they have been renewed after a 6 month trial period but there are many within the Dept who feel that the unit is a waste of resources and that animal cruelty is not a serious crime. They recently had one of their first felony cases prosecuted [in which a gangmember with a taser gun put a girlfriend's puppy in a bathtub and repeatedly stunned the animal in the anal area leaving horrific injuries to the animal. On a happier note, the puppy was eventually adopted by one of the first officers who arrived at the scene]. You can view photos and read the story at [go to "helpful info" scroll down to "animal cruelty task force"] . The animal cruelty hotline number is (213) 847-1417. Please help in getting the phone number and awareness of the Unit out to the general public!!

To thank Chief Bratton for taking animal cruelty seriously, you can call or write Community Relations:
150 N. Los Angeles St.
room 806
L.A., CA.90012
phone# (213) 485-4101


Stop Cruelty - Contact the Following People with Your Concerns!

Captain Jim Canselor - Animal Abuse Task Force 213-485-4111
Animal Cruelty Task Force - 213-847-1417
Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa Phone 213-978-0600 Fax 213-978-0750
LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks at

This is such an important step in the right direction in getting
animal cruelty taken seriously.


This is a LINK to a Prevention Movie
Worth Watching and Passing on to Others
(Too Graphic for little ones)

(In Spanish)

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